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Alternity Mercury Upgrade (Core Book and PDFs)

Regular price $20.00

The Alternity Mercury Upgrade is for existing Kickstarter backers that want to upgrade to the Mercury "Core Book + PDF" reward level. To upgrade your pledge, use the drop-down list to select your current kickstarter backer reward tier, and the price will update to be the difference between the selected tier and the Mercury level. At checkout, please select Add a Note to Seller and provide your Kickstarter ID in the Special Instructions field!

The Alternity Mercury Upgrade moves your current Kickstarter reward level to the distribution list for the Mercury tier of the Alternity 2017 Science Fiction Roleplaying Game. You will get one copy of the Alternity Core Rulebook hardcover, and also get the Alternity Complete PDF Bundle which includes:

  • The Shipyard PDF sourcebook
  • Xenologist's Guide PDF sourcebook
  • Protostar Mission Guide PDF sourcebook
  • Protostar Deluxe Map Pack PDF
  • Alternity Setting Two Mission Guide PDF sourcebook
  • Plus a bonus adventure and the Deluxe Character Log

As a reminder, the existing Kickstarter pledge levels are:

  • Pioneer - Core Book PDF only
  • Mariner - Core Book Hardcover only
  • Voyager - Complete PDF Bundle
  • Mercury - Core Book Hardcover + Complete PDFs

If you are interested in also getting the softcover print edition of the sourcebooks, check out the Expedition Upgrade instead!

Estimated delivery in Q4 of 2017.