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Primeval Thule GM Screen Pack

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The Primeval Thule GM Screen Pack includes a sturdy GM screen, six cardstock player reference cards, and a poster-sized map of the city of Quodeth. Usable for any game system!

GM Screen

We think our GM Screen is awesome. Not only did we get evocative landscape art from Klaus Pillon, we filled the other side with tons of useful information. When creating the screen, we wanted to provide improvisational tools that really help the game master—things like names of people and places, and tables of events and plot twists to use. Here’s a brief outline of the sections on the screen:

  • Long-Distance Travel Chart: Useful for when you want the red line to move across the map and get on with the adventure.
  • Improvised Adventure Sites: Region- and level-appropriate locations for spur-of-the-moment adventures.
  • Dimensions and Planets: A list of places where things might have come from, or where they could be sent to.
  • Someone Attacks!: Encounter tables for the primary regions, also divided by level ranges
  • Great Old One Gibberish: In case reading it is easier than saying it.
  • Plot Twists and Complications: Inspirations for ways to shake things up.
  • Person/Place Names: Lists of names appropriate for different regions and peoples of THULE, great for giving a name to the innkeeper or mercenary leader when the players inevitably ask “what’s his name?”

Character Reference Cards

When a GM springs a new campaign world on his PCs, the players aren’t always familiar with the specifics of the setting, and much of the world-building in the players’ minds comes from exposition on the part of the GM. For Primeval THULE, we wanted to provide a quick reference for players that provides information that a character might know about his or her homeland, and how that homeland might shape the character’s perspective and actions. Thus the Player Reference cards were born. Each of the six double-sided 8×11 cards provides a map of a region, along with details about knowledge and attitudes common to the people of that region. 

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