Ultimate Scheme
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Ultimate Scheme

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A Board Game for Evil Geniuses

Ultimate Scheme is a game of villainous master plans, ranging from common criminal plots to political subversion, occult rituals, and mad science. You take on the role of an evil mastermind or sinister organization. Your goal is to take over the world by finishing your ultimate scheme before your rivals finish theirs. You direct your minions around the world to collect resources such as high finance, occult power, scientific knowledge, ninjas, and unobtainium crystals, and use those ill-gotten goods to complete nefarious schemes that further your master plan.

Ultimate Scheme is a game for 2 to 4 players, and blends worker placement, resource gathering, and quest completion with a sometimes comedic take on global domination.

The standard game contains wooden minion markers and punch-out cardboard tokens for resources. The deluxe game includes a set of wooden resource tokens and acrylic unobtainium crystals.